7 Great Reasons to Visit Austin

Austin City Skyline from the park
Austin City Skyline from the park

Live Music

Austin is the live music capital of the world. There are more great up-and-coming bands in Austin than anywhere else, and you can see them play any night of the week in small intimate clubs like The Continental in Travis Heights, where you get close enough to steal a setlist. Red River District is a must if you’re here to rock. The Mowhawk, Stubbs, and Empire Control Room and Garage all offer great acts any given Saturday night. Parish on 6th Street and Antones on 5th are both top-notch as well. For county fans, the broken spoke is a must-do while in Austin. They will make you dance.


Texas BBQ is famous. Austin is not just the political Capital of Texas; it’s the BBQ capital too. Franklins, Stubbs, and Terry Blacks are all world-famous, but there are so many great BBQ spots in Austin, and every local will give you a different top 10. Just get out there and try as much as you can while y’all are in town.

Breakfast Tacos

Austinites love breakfast tacos so much you can get them all day long. Be warned a breakfast taco in Austin can be so huge you won’t be able to enjoy your brisket later on. Joes Bakery has some of the best in town, or if you fancy a drive, then Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ is widely acknowledged to be the best in Austin


Joe Rogan is on a crusade to make Austin the hub of stand-up comedy. One day soon, Austin will be to comedy as Hollywood is to movies. In truth, Joe is quick to admit he didn’t start this; Austin has had an established comedy scene for some time. But it’s growing fast, so whether y’all are coming for the Moontower Comedy Festival or you’re just here for a regular night at a comedy club, you can be sure there’s great live comedy in Austin any night of the week.


Maybe you’ve got a job at Oracle? Perhaps you’re just here interviewing for a job at Oracle. Either way, Austin’s tech industry is booming. It’s the next Silicon Valley. With companies like Tesla, We Work, Cloudflare, WP Engine, and so many more. Business travelers flock to Austin like moths to a flame, selling their wares (and their souls) to Austin’s tech giants, fortunately Austin’s got loads of great business hotels


Austin is the Texas State Capital, after all, so there’s a line of lobbyists three blocks long extending all the way from the Capital Buildings to 6th Street. Perhaps that line was just for breakfast tacos. Ether way, Austin’s the Capital so there’s plenty of Government types skulking about making laws and doing official Government stuff. And plenty of people from big corporations in downtown hotels trying to influence them.

UT & The Longhorns

The University of Texas draws a vast number of visitors to Austin every year. Students, their family and friends, and all manner of academics attending conferences. There’s plenty of great hotels near UT. The Texas Longhorns play at Texas Memorial Stadium at UT too. So f you love college football it’s a must do.

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