Austin Hotels With Balconies

The Driskill Hotel romantic balcony at night
Private Balcony at Hyatt Regency Hotel Austin

Smoking, or just a smoking hot time, these Austin hotels have the best balconies.

A hotel balcony is an essential requirement for any smoker/vapist visiting Austin. But it’s not just smokers who need to take thing outside now and then, balconies are also popular with some adventurous couples.

Hyatt Regency Austin

Grab that rail and hang on, the balconies at Hyatt Regency Austin are perfect day or night. Just look at that view! Then imagine yourself there on a hot night, enjoying a quiet drink and a smoke while you enjoy the lights of Austin across the lake.

The Driskill

The Driskill Hotel has some huge private balconies. These are large enough to really enjoy, not simply a place for a quick ciggy. No doubt many business deals have been done over a cigar and a glass or two of whisky since the Driskill opened in 1886, but you can also dine on the terrace or just relax with your partner and enjoy a romantic evening on the hotel balcony in Austin.

Canopy By Hilton Austin Downtown

Canopy By Hilton Austin Downtown is right downtown. The balconies at this hotel are all private from each other, but, they are overlooked from other taller buildings, and the railing offers no privacy. Perfect for a quick smoke, but you’d have to be pretty brave to get romantic on this Austin hotel balcony.

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Four Seasons Austin

Ask for a lake view suite with a balcony on a high floor, or just book the Governor’s Suite at Austin’s Four Seasons. The rail doesn’t offer much privacy but there’s no other buildings overlooking you here, and it allows you to enjoy the views from the bed.

Austin Proper Hotel

Austin Proper Hotel has some great balconies with wonderful views of either the city, or the lake. Only the corner suites have any privacy from the adjoining balconies, so unless you looking to make friends with the neighbors, you’ll need to pick your time carefully, or just roll the dice.

W Austin

W Austin is another hotel in Austin with a balcony. There ain’t much privacy but if you’ve spent all afternoon at WET drinking you won’t care. It’s great for smokers or for vaping without worrying about setting of the smoke alarm.

Archer Hotel Austin

The Archer Hotel in North Austin is an incredible boutique hotel with a real focus on couples. The rooms standard rooms are cool and funky while the top end suites are built for romance. These King Balcony suites and the Archers Den suite have private balconies with limestone fireplaces. They are not super private but they are very romantic.

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Hotel Magdalena

Hotel Magdalena’s terrace suite feels like your own rooftop it’s so big. And just look at that couch. Imagine the romantic possibilities. If you’re looking for a hotel with a balcony in Austin you won’t find one bigger than this. Far more than just a smokers balcony this is a whole extra living space, perfect for a quiet night in, with some good friends, good whisky, and good cigars.

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