Cheap Eats In Austin TX

If you’re travelling to Austin on a budget, y’all are gonna need more than just a cheap hotel. Y’all will want to know all the best spots to get some great cheap eats. We’ve got a list of some of Austin’s finest. And just because they are cheap don’t think they aren’t delicious.

  1. Sandy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers. It’s not just the burgers that are old-fashioned; the prices are too. A hamburger here is $4.39 or $4.89 with cheese. And it comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and mustard. It’s a great burger, and with fries and a drink, it’ll only set you back $7.09. You can’t beat that for value.
  2. Sam’s Bar-B-Que. Sam’s may not have a 4-hour long line outside it, but it’s damn fine BBQ. And it’s an authentic old-fashioned BBQ joint, not a fancy celebrity chef spot. Sam’s servers quality food that won’t empty your wallet. With a plate of ribs costing only $8.50 or a sausage sandwich for $3.25. This has to be one of the cheapest eats in town. 
  3. Texas Chilli Parlor. As hot as you want it to be. Texas Chili Parlor has plenty of variety and is a fantastic place to get a cheap meal and a little taste of Tex-Mex. 
  4. Taquerias Arandinas. If y’all are looking for authentic Mexican food, you can’t beat Taquerias Arandinas. Breakfast tacos start at $1.99, and most meals are in the $10-12 range. 
  5. P. Terry’s. You’re in Austin, and you want a good cheap meal. P.Terry’s has to be an option. A double with cheese is a decent-sized meal with plenty of change from 10 bucks. 
  6. Home Slice Pizza. Austin’s most famous Pizza parlor serves New York-style pizza. And for $20, you can easily feed four people. (I know you can eat a whole pizza yourself – but you really don’t need to)
  7. Dirty Martins. Serving up greasy goodness since 1926. Dirty Martins is an excellent choice for a burger and fries. Or my favorite chili queso fries. Whatever you choose, it’s easy to get a great meal here for under ten bucks. 
  8. Veracruz All Natural. This East Austin gem has some of the best tacos in town. How they can be so cheap when the quality of the food is so high constantly amazes me. 
  9. Mission Dogs. These are not your traditional hotdogs. They’re better! For a start, they are wrapped in bacon which makes everything better. The Mission Dog is the best hotdog I’ve ever had. 
  10. Tamale House East. Easily Austin’s best tamales, and pretty damn good tacos too. Tamale House East is quality Mexican food at really cheap prices. Expect to pay $12-16 for dinner and under $10 for breakfast. 

Austin has you covered whether you are looking for authentic Mexican food, Tex-Mex, burgers, pizza, or bar-b-que. Austin’s known for it’s food scene, and you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a great meal. So make the most of your time in Austin. Every dollar you save on food is another dollar you can spend on drinks. We’ve got some tremendous cheap drinks too!