Romantic Hotels in Austin

Romantic Couple kissing on hotel rooftop in Austin Texas

Y’all comin’ to Austin for some lovin’?

Bless your heart. Here are Austin’s most romantic hotels for couples. So, if y’all fixin’ on gettin’ some action, then these sexy love nests are just what you need. Start planning your romantic getaway in Austin now.

Romantic Hotels in Downtown Austin near Sixth Street

The Driskill Hotel

Romantic Hotel Room The Driskill Austin Texas

Get down and dirty at The Driskill. Austin’s original luxury hotel is just waiting for you to get busy on the balcony. Or bent over that antique writing desk. Imagine it, a hot summer night, doors open, lights on, you hearing the sounds of the street below, the streets below hearing your moans. This hotel has romantic history, with Presidents, first ladies, and all manner of celebrities having come here.

The Driskill is located right in the center of town on 6th street. It’s the perfect place for a romantic weekend in Austin.

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Commodore Perry Estate

Who doesn’t want to do it on a four-post bed? You can show off your pole dancin’, or just grab a pole and hang on. Commodore Perry Estate is a luxurious romantic hideaway only 3 miles from 6th Street. One of Austin’s finest hotels; it’s fancy as all get out. There’s something deliciously naughty about getting really nasty in a room this nice. So if you’re fixin’ ta get a little frisky, make it a night to remember at Commodore Perry Estate.

Hotel ZaZa Austin

Hotel ZaZa is a proper boutique hotel. Soft lighting creates a really romantic feel, and padded headboards as big as Texas offer a little protection if things get really wild. There are curtains you can ‘accidentally leave open if y’all fixin’ ta to put on a show. They even have a unique couples suite called ‘About last night’ stuffed with velvet and mirrors. Couples love this hotel, and this location.

W Austin

W Austin’s got a sexy avant garde feel throughout the rooms and public spaces. Their cocktail bars will get you in the mood before you take things back to that love seat by the window. It’s seen more cowgirl action than the Broken Spoke. It’s one of the most romantic hotels in Texas.

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Fairmont Austin

Fairmont Austin is a an exhibitionists paradise. Book a room above the pool and do it standing up against the window. You might even get mentioned in a review. This is a seriously nice hotel with great views from the rooms. So if letting people watch isn’t your thing, then get a room on a high floor, or maybe just use the bed where you won’t be seen.

The Westin Austin Downtown

The Westin Austin Downtown rooftop pool night

The Westin Austin Downtown is perhaps most famous for its sexy rooftop bar. Relax with your partner by the firepit, or show off some skin at the pool. A fantastic option for a couples weekend in Texas, this luxurious 4 star hotel is a short walk from 6th Street. Oh and if shower sex is your thing you’ll love the showers at The Westin, they’re heavenly.

Hotel Ella

Romantic Suite at Hotel Ella in Austin Texas.

Hotel Ella has the most thoughtfully designed furniture for lovers. For example, the twin chairs at the foot of the bed can be pulled apart in the center, allowing you to get creative! There’s so many romantic possibilities.

JW Marriott Austin

Corner suite, top floor, bottle of bubbles. This is the ultimate Austin romantic staycation hotel. JW Marriott has a great spa, one of Austin’s best rooftops, a huge choice of restaurants in the hotel, and an excellent 2nd street location. Couples love this hotel.

Hilton Austin

Who doesn’t fancy a sneaky 3am dip in a rooftop pool under the fairy lights? Hilton Austin’s a short walk to ‘dirty sixth’, so it’s great if you’re in town to party. And you know when you’re done partyin’, you can retreat to the luxury of the Hilton.

Austin Proper Hotel

Imagine it, pressed up against the floor to ceiling windows, looking out at the view, wondering if anyone’s looking the other way. What a romantic way to spend an evening. And if your partner isn’t performing, you’re sure to find a new one at their rooftop pool and cocktail bar.

Austin Proper Hotel is as luxurious as it gets. Voted one of the best new hotels in North America in 2020. It is located in the Market District close to Shoal Bay and a short walk from West Sixth Street, famous for its many great restaurants and bars.

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The LINE Austin

The LINE Austin romantic suite

A huge bed, floor to ceiling windows with a stunning view. It’s a turn on for most people. The LINE Austin is sexy as hell. And you’ll feel like you are too. Leave the room lights on and put on a silhouette show for the cars on the bridge. They can’t really see you but don’t let that spoil the fantasy. This is the perfect hotel for a romantic getaway in Austin.

Four Seasons Austin

Four Seasons Hotel Austin room with view of Lake

Four Seasons is the ultimate in luxurious romantic hotels, and Four Seasons Austin does not disappoint. With it’s huge windows and lovely lake views this is such a romantic hotel. Perfect for your wedding night, your honeymoon, or perhaps a casual hookup while you’re on a business trip.

Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt

Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt corner king room

Grab a corner suite at Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt. Just look at that window seat, those views. It’s such a romantic spot. You’ll love the city lights at night or the Fourth of July fireworks over the lake. Both of which can be enjoyed from the comfort of your bed with a glass of Champagne.

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Marriott Austin Downtown

Austin Marriott Downtown rooftop pool

From its stunning rooftop pool, to its modern, cosy, rooms Marriott Austin Downtown is set up for couples to enjoy each other while they enjoy Austin. So whether you’re looking for a staycation, or y’all are travelling from out of town, if it’s romance you’re looking for then the Marriott could just be the perfect hotel for you and your lover.

South Austin Love Nests

Hyatt Regency Austin

Hyatt Regency Austin

Just across the lake from downtown Austin, Hyatt Regency is famous for having Austin’s sexiest balconies. What better way to spend New Year, or 4th of July than with someone you love, or at least really like, and a bottle of champagne, on a very private balcony overlooking the lake. Let the fireworks begin! This is one of the most romantic hotels in Austin.

South Congress Hotel

You’ll be headin’ down south at South Congress Hotel if you know what we mean. These rooms are so stylish and sexy you’ll want to make use of every piece of furniture. And if your idea of a sexy time includes 7 other adults, then this is your place! They have a quadruple room with 4 x huge double bunk beds. This setup “sleeps” 8 adults all in one very stylish room; it’s perfect for swingers on a budget.

The Carpenter Hotel

The Carpenter Hotel is way too classy for me to say anything crass about it. This is a really popular hotel for couples visiting Austin, and it’s in a lovely part of town. They’ve got a great pool. And it’s a short walk to the park so if you want to get frisky outdoors, and don’t mind homeless people watching, then it could be just the place.

Romantic Hotels at The Domain Northside

Archer Hotel

Archer Hotel Austin bath

Archer Hotel at the Domain is one of Austin’s sexiest hotels. Just look at that bath. That huge 4 poster bed. Imagine the things you’re gonna do in that room. The things your partner is gonna do to you when you’re handcuffed to the posts of that bed. Now book that hotel quick before you chicken out. Make that fantasy real.

Romantic Getaways in Texas Hill Country

Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa

Push that chair right up against the widow and and enjoy the view while you go at it like Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay in Risky Business. Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa is a golf, spa, wedding resort. Great pool, and really nice but it’s basically the anti-Austin, there’s nothing weird about it. So you’ll have to bring the kink.

Sonesta Bee Cave Austin

Sonesta Bee Cave Austin is just waiting for you and your honey. This beautiful new romantic Hill Country hotel has stunning views of the Texas countryside and incredible sunsets, best viewed from the terrace. Only 20 minutes from downtown Austin. This is a great value option if y’all are looking for love on a budget.

Sage Hill Inn & Spa

Sage Hill Inn and Spa is a half hour drive from Austin. This is a really lovely spot and is popular as a weekend romantic getaway near Austin. Rooms come with a 3 course dinner and breakfast included. And if you get the right room there’s even a spa bath with a fireplace next to it. It’s the first bathroom I’ve encountered with a fireplace in it.

What makes a Romantic Couples Hotel?

In short, hotel suites designed for sex. Luxurious, opulent rooms. Big bathrooms. Deep soaking tubs. Huge mirrors. Floor to ceiling windows. Private balconies. Mirrored ceilings. Room service. An enormous bed. Luxurious bathrobes. Swanky rooftop bars. Mood lighting. 

Reasons to book a Romantic Weekend in Austin?

Spend some time away from the kids in a romantic hotel. Nothing helps keep the magic alive like time away from the kids. Being lovers, instead of Mums and Dads for a day or two now and then will do your relationship a world of good.

Maybe you live with roommates? If so you’ll want to go somewhere where they don’t have to hear you having sex. So you can moan and scream as much as you like, and no one you know will have to listen to it.

Maybe you need a change of scenery? The same person, the same position, in the same room can get a bit old. So get dressed up like you’re going to a wedding. Drink ridiculously expensive cocktails while groping each other in the hotel lounge bar. Then head up to your romantic hotel suite and try to use ALL the furniture. Yes, even the writing desk, that sofa by the window, and don’t forget the balcony.

Or perhaps you’re having an affair? Y’all need to take your lover somewhere you won’t be seen by anyone you know. Austin’s a great city for illicit romance. No one else will discover where you go or what you do in your secret Austin hideaway.

Austin is the top destination for a romantic getaway in Texas.

The 10 sexiest hotel suites for couples in Austin

These hotels offer great romantic hotel packages in Austin.

Is Austin good for couples?

You bet it is! Austin’s a great city to visit on a romantic weekend getaway. There’s so much to see and do. With some of the countries hottest nightlife, great restaurants and bars, live music and comedy. And there’s also plenty of great hiking, biking and boating if y’all are feeling outdoorsy. There’s also plenty of art, museums, and oddities. You’ll have a good time we promise.

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What is a good weekend getaway for couples in Texas?

Sage Hill Inn and Spa is a great romantic getaway location just outside of Austin Texas it’s perfect for couples.

Where should I take my wife for our anniversary?

If you’re in Austin you should book a night at The Four Seasons

How do I make my wife feel special?

Book a night at a swanky hotel, go out for dinner and then get room service breakfast in the hotel. And make sure you organise the baby sitting, don’t leave that to your wife.

Which romantic hotels in Austin have rooms with great views?

Hyatt Regency has great views of Lady Bird Lake and downtown Austin. The Four Seasons also offers great lake views and is super romantic.

Do any romantic hotels in Austin have a pool?

Pretty much all romantic hotels in Austin have pools but the most romantic hotel pools for couples are The Four Seasons, Hyatt Regency, and Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa.

Are honeymoon suites still a thing?

Sort of, every good 4 or 5 star hotel has standard rooms and suites. These suites may not be called ‘honeymoon suites’ anymore, but they are perfect for anyone looking for a romance whether you are on your honeymoon, wedding anniversary, or a romantic getaway.

What are the best Hotels in Austin for Valentine’s Day?

Sage Hill Inn and Spa is a great Valentine’s Day getaway near Austin. Four Seasons Austin is very romantic if you can afford it. And Archer Hotel Austin has some lovely romantic suites with huge bathtubs.

Should I book a hotel for Valentine’s Day?

Yes you should totally book a hotel for Valentine’s day. Whether you’ve been together for years or it’s your first date, booking an expensive non refundable hotel shows confidence, and that’s a huge turn on for everyone. Just remember to tell whoever you are taking, “I booked us a room at the Four Seasons, so wear your good undies”

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