Romantic Things to Do In Austin

Sunset at Oasis Lake Travis Austin
Sunset at Oasis Lake Travis Austin

Whether y’all are visiting Austin for the weekend, or you’ve lived here your entire life, if you need some romantic date ideas, we’ve got ’em. 

  1. Get a couples treatment at a spa. There’s nothing better than getting pampered together, a glass of bubbles and full body massage, perhaps a facial, or a pedicure as well? Men generally don’t like this sort of thing much, so treat it as a test. If he’s willing to do this with you, he must be in love. Guy’s show her how much you love her by going along with it all in good spirits. Remember, it isn’t fun if you’re complaining the whole day.
  2. Sunset at the Oasis. The Oasis is great any time of day, but it’s most romantic at sunset. Make sure you get there at least an hour before sunset, so you are enjoying a drink while the sun sets, not frantically trying to order one. 
  3. Climb a hill. But not just any hill. Mount Bonnell has the best sunset views in Austin. Take a flashlight, a blanket, a bottle of wine, or maybe a blunt, and don’t come down till it’s dark. See if you can outlast the other couples. 
  4. Head for the drive-in. If y’all are visiting, you’ll need a rental car or a very understanding uber driver. Austin’s got three great drive-in movie theatres. Remember to wear clothing that allows easy access cause it’s bound to get a little handsy.
  5. Go for a late evening dip at Barton Springs Pool. It’s open until 10 pm. And the later you go, the more romantic it is. This one is definitely better in Summer.
  6. Play a round of golf. No, not real golf. That’s not really a date. But mini golf is perfect for romance. Peter Pan mini golf is open till 11 pm in summer, and you can bring a cooler. The location on Barton Springs Road is convenient to downtown. 
  7. House of Torment. It doesn’t exactly sound sexy. But if you’re turned on by someone who’s not scared of anything, then this is a great place to find out what they’re made of. It’ll get your blood pumping and give you something to talk about for the rest of the evening.  
  8. Rent out an entire movie theatre. Alamo Drafthouse will let you book a whole cinema all to yourselves. With prices starting as low as $150, it’s about the same price as a nice dinner out. This is your chance to go all Alanis Morissette on him.
  9. Speaking of a nice dinner out, Austin’s got more great restaurants than you could possibly try in a year. So regardless of your budget, you’ll find something. Remember, while expensive dinners can be impressive, so can thought and planning. There’s nothing wrong with food truck tacos in a park, as long as you’ve planned ahead, checked the weather, brought a blanket, maybe some candles, scoped out a secluded spot with views of the city lights. After that, who knows what might happen.
  10. Spend the night in a romantic hotel. Try The Line, Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt, Four Seasons, or Hyatt Regency. Or, for a more comprehensive selection, see our list of romantic hotels in Austin.

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