The Best Hotel Bathtubs in Austin

Tub with a view of Lady Bird Lake at Hotel Van Zandt Austin

Y’all feelin’ dirty? Might could be time for a bath.

Whether looking for some ‘alone time’ or you’re wanting to relax with a friend. These are the most incredible hotel spa bath suites in Austin. So grab some bubble bath, a glass of wine, a beer, or a whisky and have yourself a good ol’ time in the jacuzzi.

Austin Hotels with a deep soaking bath or jacuzzi in room.

The Driskill Hotel – Classy and Sexy Bathtub

Amazing bathtub at The Driskill Hotel in Austin

The Driskill is right on dirty sixth so when it’s time get clean this deep soaking tub is just the perfect way to wash away whatever you did last night.

Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt – The Best Tub With a View in Austin

The best bath with a view in Austin has to be the spa suites at hotel Van Zandt. These rooms all have huge bathrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and amazing views of Lady Bird Lake from the deep soaker tub.

Hilton Austin – A Big Bath With a View

City skyline views from the big soaking bath are the best enjoyed at night. Lady Bird Lake might look great during the day, but if you’re wanting to see the city lights then the Hiltons’ bath tub is the place to be after dark.

Four Seasons – 5 Star Bathtub

Four Seasons Hotel Bathtub

If you love marble then Four Seasons is the place for you. This magnificent soaker tub is surrounded by marble. The bath itself is big enough for 3 so make yourself a sandwich.

Commodore Perry Estate

Commodore Perry Estate is set on 10 acres, and it needs to be because there’s 2 acres of bathtub. There’s nothing quite like a nice long soak in bath after a hard day of lobbying for the oil industr or whatever it is you do that affords you a stay at this magnificent estate in the heart of Austin.

Hotel ZaZa Austin – Bath with a Mirror

Hotel ZaZa is a proper boutique hotel. Soft lighting creates a really romantic feel, and padded headboards as big as Texas offer a little protection if things get really wild. And afterwards you can relax with a long soak in the great big bathtub.

W Austin – Sexy tub with a view

W Austin’s not only got a bathtub with a view, it’s got a bench seat big enough to fit an entire football team if you’d like someone to watch you take a bath.

South Congress Hotel – Deep Spa Bath in Room

Just look at how deep that bath is! You know you want to be inside it. Deep deep inside it. Austin’s South Congress Hotel has some very stylish bathrooms, with beautiful deep soaking tubs, so grab a glass of whatever tickles your fancy, and hop in the bath and tickle your fancy.

Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa Bath in Room

The only thing bigger than the bath is the mirror in Omni Barton Creek Resorts bathrooms. If you like spending time together in the tub then this could be your place.

Archer Hotel Austin

This north Austin gem has a spectacular tub. Definitely build for two, this huge curvy bathtub is in full view of the romantic four post bed/ It’s a room just made for lovin’ – so leave the kids at home and enjoy some ‘adult time’.

Sage Hill Inn and Spa – Jacuzzi & Fireplace

Sage Inn and Spa Bath with Fireplace

Yes, that is a fireplace in the bathroom! We’ve never seen that before either, but if you’ve always dreamed of a jacuzzi in front of a fire then Sage Hill Inn and Spa can make that dream come true.

Hotel Viata

Hotel Granduca Austin bath

A giant, deep soaking bathtub by the window can be just what you need to relax after a long day. Hotel Viata is perfect for that. Their luxurious bathrooms have quite possibly the perfect tub.