The Weirdest Hotel Suites in Austin

South Congress Hotel sexy Quintuple room
South Congress Hotel sexy Quintuple room

Doing their bit to keep Austin weird. These hotels have the strangest hotel suites in town.

They’ll leave y’all wondering WTF were they thinkin’.

South Congress Hotel

South Congress Hotel sexy Quintuple room

South Congress Hotel is a really classy boutique hotel in a popular part of town (SoCo). They’ve got an awesome rooftop pool, really cool, fresh and minimal decor, AND they have this monstrosity. Yes those are double king bunk beds. And yes they have two sets of them in one room. That’s 8 adults, with room to do adult things. So grab 7 of your closest friends and get those binks a rockin’.

Austin Motel

Austin Motel iconic cock and balls sign

This one’s not a suite, it’s a sign. Locals may be used to it but having an enormous neon cock and balls outside your hotel is a little weird. It’s also really cool so we won’t hold it against them. Austin Motel has become one of the coolest small hotels in Austin.

Sage Inn and Spa Bath with Fireplace

Sage Hill Inn & Spa offer a suite with a romantic fireplace in the bathroom, next to the romantic spa bath. Why has no one else ever thought to do this? Yes it’s weird – but it’s also awesome. I’m really hoping to see them kick it up a notch and create a shower with a fireplace next!

The Driskill Hotel

The Driskill exterior

Legend has it that The Driskill is haunted, so if you’re looking to get slimed this could be your place. Rumors abound about several rooms here. It’s obviously nonsense but if y’all are looking for a thrill turn out all the lights, open all the windows, and light some candles, get out your wedgieboard and get intouch with the ghosts of The Driskill. Pour yourself some red wine and see if it starts to taste like blood. Actually scratch the wedgieboard. Stick to a dark room, candles, red wine and you’ve got yourself a pretty romantic spot, if you can just forget about the ghosts – does it feel like somethings watching?

Casulo Hotel

Austin’s Casulo Hotel has brought the bath out of the bathroom, now we know that’s a trend in fancy hotels and kind of sexy. But here they’ve just put it right smack in the middle of the room. It’s weird as fuck. If you’re thinking “that’s not weird, I kinda like it” make sure you read some recent reviews before booking.

East Austin Hotel

East Austin Hotel strangest room layout

What put between the flat screen TV and the couch? Why not a sink? While this is weird it’s also weirdly practical. Especially if your partying in the room.

If y’all heading to Austin and looking for a hotel room that’s a little different. We’ve got you covered with these weird hotel rooms.